Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Credit Crunch Cookery Booklet

We as a Club were set a task to create an on line collection of recipes, firstly to teach us how to use various pieces of computer software and skills and secondly to find cheap and cheerful recipes that anyone can use. Hopefully, people can use home grown and local produce for them, thus helping the local community in a useful and sensible way. We enjoyed making it and we hope you enjoy trying out the recipes.
Please click on the link below in order to view/download the booklet.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Come into my garden.

A friend’s kind and admiring comment about my garden made me think that a short picture story might interest others.

Made with Microsoft free download of Photstory3.

I hope that you’ll enjoy!

Monday, 7 July 2008

India at the Lunch Club

77 members attended the Tregaron lunch club at the Talbot hotel on Wednesday the 25th of June 2008. The after dinner entertainment was a talk on life in India in the 1950's provided by Irene. She was wearing a beautiful green silk sari and she looked very elegant. Irene talked about how they had improved a hospital and what the conditions had been like when she arrived, including lack of sanitation, and how much things had improved by the time she left. Washing had been carried by donkeys with panniers on their backs to the river, where it was washed. Hospital water supply was mostly provided by bullock cart from the river.

Saris were worn by local women, but some of the villagers wouldn't have a blouse to wear. The end of the Saris could be used in different ways, it could be tucked in when they were working or left loose to be more dressy.

The ladies used to have short tops which showed their midriffs, and were very elegant. Perhaps a bit cold for Tregaron! The talk was further explained by photos and everyone enjoyed it.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Making our Film

It was a joint decision by the 50+ group to make the film about food and gardens, with all members taking photos of their gardens and produce at various stages of growth; a selection of which were then used to show these aspects with the members doing the voice over. We hope you enjoy it! It is hoped that this brief film might encourage anyone seeing it to try gardening themselves - if only for health reasons.

You can always contact the Blog site with any queries. Hopefully we would be able to provide answers. We were very glad to have the assistance of Iestyn and Chloe doing the format and editing of photos and script.

Digital Photography Course

Our group was fortunate to obtain funding for a two day course on Digital Photography, taught by Rob Burns, who, with his partner, runs a Photographic Business ( Weddings etc.).
Most of us are very new to using digital cameras, and had very conservatively been using Automatic Modes. It was interesting to be introduced to other modes, and to learn the settings for Exposure Values,
including Apertures, Sensitivity and Speed, and to realise how they related to Depth of field.
We spent some time making practical use of our cameras, and Rob was able to show us how to down load our pictures to a suitable Graphics manipulation programme. Picasa is one the ones available for free, and we were shown simpler manipulations such as cropping and colour enhancement. there are other Programmes which allow considerably more advanced enhancement.
We all enjoyed the course and the lively and amusing way in which it was presented.

Tregaron Lunch Club

On the 27th February, 79 members attended the lunch. This was lower than usual due to illness.Our guest speaker was Gwyn Jones from Llanafan who gave us a talk on his recent safari trip to Africa. The talk and the film he showed us brought everything to life and made us wish that we were there with him. The lunch was excellent as usual and we must thank the staff of the Talbot Hotel for their hard work.
Next month which is the 26th March 2008 we hope to have Alison Harwood as our guest speaker, and she will give a talk on “Deaf Awareness”. We will also have our usual annual competition, and this year it will be the best “Buttonhole”.

A little bit of general gossip about the lunch club area – The Talbot yard has finally been demolished, and whilst doing this a well was discovered there

Whilst preparing to install pavements for the Pontrhydfendigaid pedestrians a second world war bomb was discovered in a hedge. It was rather exciting to see all the Police, Firebrigade and the Bomb Disposal unit of the army in the small village. On a happy note, the bomb was safely detonated.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Insulation information!

ROOF 25%

As members of the 50plus club we have learned that there is so much loss of heat from non-insulated buildings.


Some forms of insulation are not expensive and it is possible for householders and good DIY-ers to install them. Pensioners on certain Benefits can obtain Grants. The HEES leaflet "Heating and Insulation Grants" can be obtained from Benefit Offices, Age Concern and Council Offices. Or see our LINKS to useful Web-sites